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Laurie Rivers is teaching

Modern Mysticism

Just because it's ancient doesn't make it wise or healthy.

(Don't drink out of lead cups)

Meet Laurie

A modern mystic dedicated to teaching people practical ways to make life magical

Born a mystic and psychic, Laurie has dedicated her life to spiritual pursuits. Astrology was the framework which Laurie chose to encapsulate the myriad of disciplines and modalities she's studied over life times. For over 3 decades Laurie has helped guide people across the globe to find and act on their purpose.

Today you find Laurie producing the top 20 astrology podcast, The Awake Space Astrology Podcast, teaching a variety of courses which include conscious entrepreneurism,  training astrologers and publishing The Awake Space Astrology Magazine. 

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Knowledge isn't power

Unless you use it.

It's not enough to have the answers or even the powerful questions if you're not putting your knowledge to the test.

Modern mysticism takes the theories of the past and puts them into practice. In fact, the works channeled in the early 20th century were written for today's reality. Laurie has made it her life's work to translate the knowledge into bite sized action steps to help the awakened integrate their spiritual and physical lives to make the difference they incarnated for in the first place.

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Making It Work

It only works if you work it.

Too often the awake and aware push against the systems of oppression in the outer world before tackling the immensely difficult job of deconstructing within. If you want to make changes in the outer world you MUST change your inner world.

We live on a planet facing vast challenges, in order to adapt and meet the challenges we need to upgrade our understanding of how we contribute to the solutions needed to navigate the challenges and changes humanity faces in the coming decades.

Waiting for the Patriarchy to fall is a foolish premise. Instead, it's up to each of us to unpack our programming and redefine what it is to live in society and develop new cultural norms. 

Chang happens from the inside out...

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