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Welcome to the real world...change starts within

Modern Mysticism

with a side Progressive Evolutionary Astrology is for people dedicated to crushing the Patriarchy from the inside out

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The mission of Progressive Evolutionary Astrology is to provide modern interpretations of classical astrological information to empower people to grow into their authentic selves by unpacking social-cultural conditioning and finding new pathways forward to evolve as individuals. 

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Changing the world from the inside out. We know from science that our perceptions shape our reality. Something that the ancient mystics have professed for thousands of years. Progressive Evolutionary Astrology offers people the opportunity to self assess in ways that meet the current changing world circumstances. 

We live on a planet facing vast challenges, in order to adapt and meet the challenges we need to upgrade our understanding of how we contribute to the solutions needed to navigate the challenges and changes humanity faces in the coming decades.

Waiting for the Patriarchy to fall is a foolish premise. Instead, it's up to each of us to unpack our programming and redefine what it is to live in society and develop new cultural norms. 

Chang happens from the inside out...

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